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December 2018 Marketing & Curating Guide

December 3, 2018

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Marketing & Curating Guide - These are topics that are relevant and will help guide you.

Marketing & Curating Guide

These are topics that are relevant and will help guide you.

December 2018

December is full of Holiday traditions that can be super engaging.   December is also filled with fun “National Days”. Storytelling is extremely effective when trying to connect with our network and engage them in conversation.  Storytelling will help us build trust by allowing people to get to know us. Trust=customers not just followers…

*When you post a photo try to write an engaging story, this will draw people to comment instead of just like the photo.

* Ask for tips to survive the holiday prep.

*Ask what are their favorite traditions and share yours.  Partner it with a beautiful photo of your children decorating the tree,  baking together, or whatever your special tradition is.

*Make space to show your” work area” or an amazing before and after from a customer.  Make it about why you love it share your story as to why you keep pushing and working so hard.  Talk about how rewarding this job is. This is also a great live topic.

*At least once a month introduce yourself.  If you’re working diligently in growing your network, you will always have new people that need to hear that.  

*Do a share 3 things you didn’t know. Be open and honest with your network then ask them to share 3 of their things with you.  This will allow you to engage in deeper conversations with them in reference their 3 things. The conversation just flows. Try using a photo that represents one of the 3 things you shared.

*Ask them what they love.  People love being heard and providing them that platform is definitely a privilege you can have.  Ask what they love about where they live, their favorite foods, favorite smells, favorite anything…your imagination is the limit!

*Bring them back to memory lane.  We all have those memories that take us right back to the  moment. Share a beautiful memory whether is your wedding day, the birth of a child, or graduating school (it can be anything that is special to you) of yours and ask your network to share theirs.  This is great for a live video.

*Thank you post.  At least once a month thank you network for their support.  A photo with you enjoying your children, you working, or on date night are all great photos for this caption.  

1-Rosa Parks Day. Pie Day.

2-Special Education Day.  This is a great day to give a huge shoutout to all your local teachers and all they do for our children.  Ask people to tag their teacher friend

3-Roof Over Your Head Day. Post about your home and the safety it provides for you and your family. If LL pays for your bills this is a good day to make a post about gratitude for that paycheck that keeps your home safe and cozy.

4-Sock Day, National Cookie Day.  Such fun and interactive days.  You can post about all the mismatched socks in your laundry room (we all have those right?).  Post about your favorite coziest socks. For the cookies there is a photo in the content under “lifestyle” pictures of you and your children baking cookies or buying cookies as a treat are very engaging especially when you share the recipe and ask them for their favorite cookie recipe.

5-Bathtub Party Day.  This is the perfect day to showcase our beautiful bathbombs.  You can go live and describe all the health benefits they provide and how amazing they smell.  Make a bathtub party concocktion with a bathbomb, extra ODW and an amazing mask. Talk them through the products and how amazing they make you “feel” did you catch that? “Feel” it’s all in the feelings for most people. They will want to “feel” as good as you do.

6-National Microwave Oven Day.  You can talk about how many times a microwave has saved dinner or any mishaps.  I know I’ve certainly have had some food explosions.

7-National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.  National Cotton Candy Day. This is a great day to reach out to all the patriots in your network by remembering to acknowledge this important day.  If you go to a local parade or do anything to acknowledge it try to provide coverage in your timeline. Eat cotton candy while at the parade.

8-Brownie Day.  I’ve provided you photos of brownies.  Photos of your children or your kitchen preparing brownies or baking them is a great photo to let people in your family and home.  You can share your favorite recipes, or your favorite toppings. Engage your network by asking them questions about what they like on or in their brownies.

9-National Pastry day.  There are photos of pastries in the content I provided.  If you missed the brownie opportunity to post a picture from your kitchen this is another great one.  Don’t bake? No problem. Go to a local pastry shop and snap a photo there. Engage your network by asking them what their favorite pastry is? If they like baking it or buying it? Share a recipe if you have one.

10-Human Rights Day. Nobel Prize day.  Great opportunity to engage your network.  Without getting too political this can be a great opportunity to talk about the Brighter Together Foundation and how it’s helping all these women have a voice in their countries.  There is an amazing live by Michelle Gay in the Fempire, listen to it then share that information so your network understands why supporting LimeLife is more than buying make up and skin care from you.

11-National App Day.  Super engaging post about your favorite app.  Try to use one that is not one you just use for your business.  I use OurPact App and it’s an amazing tool for parents with children that have “smart” devices also Calm App.  Highlight great apps for nutrition, scheduling, parenting, organization all these will have people in common. Ask your network for suggestions on their favorite app and how that has helped simplify their life.    

12-Gingerbread House Day. Ask your network what they like putting on their gingerbread houses, what do they use to decorate it? Do they make one as a family or each person makes their own? A great photo would show your or your kids gingerbread houses.  A fun story to tell would be a total fail collapsed house because the frosting was too gooey ( oh, it’s just me sorry).

13-Cocoa Day.  Recipes galore! There are photos of mugs with cocoa included in your “Lifestyle”album.  A great live would include a fun winter memory while you sipped on your cocoa.

14-Alabama Day.  YAY!!!  Alabama, time to celebrate! GO BAMA!!!   Free Shipping Day. Sales Person Day.  Highlight a sales person that you love getting services from. Ask your network what stores  they’re using the special free shipping from. Most people hate paying for shipping so this is a great time to highlight our amazing FREE shipping not just today but all month long.

15-Wear Your Pearls Day. National Cupcake Day. I’ll be wearing my pearls while eating my cupcake lol. Do you have pearls? Usually there is a story behind them.  I got mine as a wedding present from my husband so I sure will tell that story on a live. All those personal stories get people to connect and get to know us on a different level even if we haven’t met in person there is a connection because they know our stories. Cupcake photos are included in your “Lifestyle” album.

WILL BE UPDATED PRIOR TO RUNNING OUT!  Starting next month, the entire month will be loaded on the 1st for you to plan ahead. ***This content is for paid membership members only. Please keep this information for yourself. We are working very hard to provide value to your membership and keeping it for members only helps us do that. Thank you for your support.

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