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Branding photoshoot outfit ideas
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A Guide to Perfect Outfit Selection for Your Branding Photoshoot

Welcome to a world where your personal style meets your professional persona—the world of branding photoshoots! Whether you’re an entrepreneur, influencer, or creative professional, these photos hold the power to convey your unique story. And at the heart of these visuals lies a crucial element: your outfit selections. Let’s delve into the art of outfit […]

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I’m Lore.
Welcome to our little corner of the internet.  Here you will find tips, tricks, DIY's and lots of things to help your lifestyle & business work together.
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Photographer holding camera ready to start a branding photoshoot for a client.

Hello there, trendsetter! Are you ready to step into the spotlight and showcase the remarkable individual you are? Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a professional, or just someone who wants to stand out in the digital world, a personal branding photoshoot is your golden ticket to making a lasting impression. Say goodbye to ordinary headshots, and […]

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Hola! Today, we’re diving into exploring the differences between headshot and branding photoshoots. It’s not just about striking a pose; it’s about telling your story. Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a seasoned entrepreneur, understanding the nuances of these two types of photoshoots can help you make the right choice for showcasing your true essence. […]

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Your bathroom’s skincare lab Limelife’s exclusive Duolab questions the idea of a set routine composed of the same products every day. As a result, over the month, the ingredients in those capsules can change according to your skincare needs. ‘Your skin is a living organ impacted by everything from the weather to stress, hormones and […]

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Business marketing tips

Marketing mistakes can easily come in if you are not prepared to answer when asked, “so what do you do? So you’re standing in line in the supermarket, or you’re in an elevator, or you’re at a party, or you’re in a networking group. Sooner or later, someone is going to say to you, “So […]

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I love trendy shoes but for me they have to be comfortable.  I do a lot of walking around and although I am all about a cute dainty pair of shoes my default is usually something more chunky.  You can find knock offs or even more expensive versions of these styles BUT the knock offs […]

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Fashion over 40

It can be so hard to find casual tops that are flattering while covering and being cute.  This round up meets that goal and they’re also super affordable.  Happy Shopping!  I wear a lot of jeans all year round so finding cute tops is always a goal.  These all work for movie night, grabbing coffee […]

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Big Changes Start With the Right Mindset “The mind has a powerful way of attracting things that are in harmony with it, good and bad.” If you go to the dictionary, you will find a long list of definitions for mindset, mind, and set. Interestingly they all come before success! Mind-set (noun) beliefs that affect […]

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Your skin is the first thing that people notice about you, first thing you notice in the morning & a proper skincare regimen is so important. There are many products that claim to help improve skin tone and promote a flawless complexion, but the truth is that there is no such thing as instant results. […]

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eye cream vs eye serum

The Difference of Eye Cream & Eye Serum  The question about the difference between eye cream & eye serum comes up often especially when the eye area is always a problem when it comes to wrinkles. It is the first place most of us begin to show our age. It is notorious for having dark […]

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