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Here you will find helpful tips, tricks, & business advise to help you thrive in your self-care and find systems that work for life and business. 

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Gut Healing Green Smoothie

Every morning, I start my day with a green smoothie and a workout. I’ve followed this routine for the last 3 weeks because it’s my favorite way to get my body moving & stay energized throughout the day! Here is the recipe to my simple smoothie:Ingredients: 1 Cup coconut milk 1/2 cup of kale 3/4 […]

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I’m Lore.
Welcome to our little corner of the internet.  Here you will find tips, tricks, DIY's and lots of things to help your lifestyle & business work together.
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1. Improve Your Physical Health. How in the world are you going to reach any goals with bad health? Remember when you had that cold, fever or aching back? Were you in any kind of mood to work on your life goals? I don’t think so. But when you start eating healthy and working out, […]

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Alrighty so now days most of us are working from home. Wether you are the teleconference rookie or the one that is teaching them all how to use it here are a few products that will make your get ready routine a lot easier. This is a super fresh look that will take you 5 […]

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Living with joy can sometimes be a challenge. When things appear to be going against our will, we tend to experience this as pain, suffering, or that we’re having a bad day. Recognizing that we are in control of our feelings, and that we have the choice to live in joy, or in fear is […]

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Give yourself a gift that will keep on giving. Say yes to the possibility of changing your circumstances. You can create the life you love and get those “one day” things done sooner than you expected. There are women in all different life circumstances getting it done and succeeding, they just have to make the […]

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When you join the Altogether Beautiful tribe, you start your adventure in discovering who you are and developing into the person that you are capable of becoming.  Throughout your journey, you will be encouraged, supported, and inspired into developing skills that will not only assist you in selling makeup & skincare, but will give you […]

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Dry skin can flake, itch, crack and even bleed. It can be a serious problem and super uncomfortable. Some people have chronic dry skin and there are ways to make it tolerable and bearable. Sometimes dryness can be hereditary, or caused by medical conditions. For me I have always struggled with dry skin and hypothyroidism […]

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It is so important for us to practice self care all year round but right now it’s crucial that we do it. Here are 5 ways in which you can practice it. They are not in any order of importance. Shower and get ready. Even if you’re staying home to work get ready as if […]

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This is a super quick recipe that I have been making for a few years. It makes 12-15 ounces depending on the size of the apple and lemons. Why these ingredients? Lemons:  They contain a high amount of vitamin C, soluble fiber, and plant compounds that give them a number of health benefits. Lemons may aid weight loss […]

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With so much pollution that we are exposed to the aging process is accelerated. According to a study in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, exposure to air and particle pollution significantly correlates to an increase in signs of skin aging. A compromised skin barrier can lead to increased skin sensitivity, discomfort and premature signs of skin aging, especially pigmentation issues. The goal now is create a skin-care […]

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